Mayoral Endorsement

You can be endorsed by our organization if...

You have publically aligned yourself with the Democratic Party, and have voted in the last two Democratic primaries or runoffs, (unless you were reasonably unable to do so).

To be endorsed, you need to...

Fill out our candidate questionnaire and submit it to the Endorsements Committee by September 14. 

We won't be meeting with you privately...

Because the Endorsements Committee is unable to make quorum to recommend a candidate for mayor, the Committee will not be making a recommendation. Instead, the membership will be able to vote via ranked-choice-voting for a candidate to endorse. Two-thirds of the vote for a candidate is required for an endorsement.

About fairness...

The Endorsements Committee (Executive Board) will not make a recommendation and will not meet with the candidates privately. Officers have no discretion over the mayoral endorsement.

Forums? Meetings?

We will be hosting a mayoral debate for candidates who have completed the questionnaire and are eligible to receive an endorsement for the benefit of members and the public.

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