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El Paso Young Democrats on Greg Allen and El Paso GOP

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

El Paso —In response to the images of the El Paso Police Chief at an El Paso GOP event and of a crowd at the El Paso GOP's HQ, El Paso Young Democrats (EPYD) offered the following:

"It's no surprise that the El Paso Republican Party isn't taking the pandemic seriously. The same party that has propped up this president and his utter ignorance and failure as a leader is again putting their own voters at risk by completely ignoring public health orders. All with Police Chief Greg Allen's endorsement. 

"The same people that call themselves 'patriots' are now putting themselves, their families, and their entire community at risk by gathering, not social distancing, and not wearing masks. It isn't patriotism — it's utter stupidity.

"The same lack of urgency about this crisis Mayor Margo exhibited when he defended not wearing a mask in early May is the same exhibited across the city government. Unless Allen is fired for his blatant politicization of the Police Department and failure to comply with the law, it is clear that the Mayor, the City Manager, and City Council all condone Allen's actions. And, for ignoring public health orders, the El Paso GOP should be fined and reprimanded to the fullest extent possible.

"Mayor Margo and four city council representatives are up for re-election this year. Make no mistake: we will not allow this complacency to get a pass." 


The El Paso Young Democrats are the official chapter of the Texas Young Democrats — one of the largest partisan youth organizations in the nation — in the Borderland. As the official voice of young Democrats in El Paso County, the organization strives to empower young El Pasoans through community activism and policy involvement locally, statewide, and nationally.



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