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How we defend our democracy today impacts generations to come!

El Paso — In response to the upcoming Democratic Primary Election , El Paso Young Democrats (EPYD) offered the following:

" Election have consequences, we've learned this with the elections of the past. How we stand up for our Democratic values today will have a rippling effects for generations to come. As Young Democrats we are responsible for building the change that we deserve to see, that means we need to get out the vote, volunteer on campaigns for change, and encourage Young El Pasoans to get involved politically!"

- El Paso Young Democrats Vice President Wesley Lawrence

As the 2022 Democratic Primary Election begins to quickly approach members of our community the El Paso Young Democrats are proud to endorse the following candidates to help us combat the right this November.

Federal Offices:

CD 16

Congresswoman Veronica Escobar (D) - Congresswoman Escobar has been a proven fighter for the people of El Paso, Canutillo, Horizon, Socorro, and residents of CD 16. In her first two terms she has been able to build strong alliances for change, author several impactful bills, endorsed Progressive ideologies, and she has built one of the strongest GOTV campaigns El Paso has ever seen. It's also important to know that she is the only true Democrat in this primary race.


John Lira (D) - John Lira is a trial tested combat vet who is going to bring the fight to Congressman Tony Gonzalez (R). He has a unique plan to fight for residents of El Paso, Socorro, Clint, San Antonio, and other communities of CD 23. As a Veteran he will fight to ensure that we have a VA system that works hard for all our veterans, he will fight hard to ensure that our youth have a pathway to success, but most importantly he won't ignore the people of El Paso like prior reps have.

State Offices:


Beto O'rourke (D) - Beto is the only candidate who can successfully wage a strong battle against Governor Abbot (R) and his far right extremist pals this November.

Attorney General

Joe Jaworski (D) - Joe understands the wants and needs of the people of El Paso and the great state of Texas. He will undo the destruction that Ken Paxton (R) has brought to the office of the Texas Attorney General by protecting the right to vote for every Texan, defending the LGBTQIA+ community, he will fight the blatant corruption and injustice brought upon us by Governor Abbot and his far right extremist, and Joe's legacy of service has him ready to be a day one Attorney General. His grandfather Leon Jaworski ( a Watergate special investigator) said it best, "No one- absolutely no one is above the law!".


Janet Dudding (D) - Jannet Dudding is the only candidate who truly understands how the comptrollers office works. As a tested CPA she brings experience to this important office that makes her day one ready to be our next Comptroller of Public Accounts, even better is she will look into way for texans to take on the Central Appraisal District!

General Land Office

Jinny Suh (D) - Jinny Suh brings a unique skill set and understanding of how the General Land Office Works. She is the only Progressive candidate in this race! With this seat being an open seat it is an amazing opportunity for Democrats to win a statewide office.

Commissioner of Agriculture

Susan Hayes (D) - Susan Hayes understands that Texans need a strong Agriculture Commissioner who will advocate for our resilient farming community, irrigation systems, and to finally legalize and grow hemp and marijuana in in the state of Texas.

State Board of Education District 1

Laura Marquez (D) - Laura Marquez is the only candidate who has real experience in our school system as a para-professional, Disability Rights advocate, Social Worker, and an advocate for Public Schools. Her commitment to Public Education our Teachers, our Students, and our support staff has earned her the endorsement from the Texas American Federation of Teachers.

State Rep District 74

State Rep Eddie Morales (D) - Rep Morales is the only Democrat in this newly drawn map that forces El Pasoans to be represented by a Rep that is 100's of miles away.

State Rep District 75

State Rep Dr. Marry Gonzalez (D) - Rep Marry Gonzalez deserves the chance to continue fighting for residents of El Paso's rural communities such as Socorro, Clint, and San Elizario. She was proud to have broken quorum to advocate for voting rights in our nations capitol after Governor Abbott (R) decided to pass disastrous voting laws for the people of Texas. She is also the only Progressive and LGBTQIA+ person running in this race.

State Rep District 79

State Rep Art Fierro (D) - Rep Fierro deserves the chance to continue representing the people of SD 79, especially after redistricting gave him a new set of constituents in Northeast El Paso. Arts opponent moved into the district after her seat was drawn out due to redistricting. State Rep Art Fierro was the only member of our delegation to author a bill in favor of Rank Choice Voting (one of our legislative priorities).


Justice of the 8th Court of Appeals Place 2

Lisa Soto (D) - Lisa Soto has the experience to been a strong justice for the people of El Paso and it surrounding areas. She has a good judicial temperament and has experience working at the 8th Court of Appeals. She is also a big supporter of our communities youth and has mentored several up and coming lawyers in El Paso.

Judge of the 327th Court

Judge Cori Harbour Valdez (D) - Judge cori Harbour Valdez has the experience to be a day one lady Judge at the 327th District Court. She has a good judicial temperament and she cares deeply about our community.

County Court at Law #2

Judge Sara Priddy (D) - Judge Sara Priddy has demonstrated that she will change the environment in this court, as the incumbent has created a toxic courtroom. She understands the responsibilities of what it takes to be a compassionate and just Judge, she shows good judicial temperament, and she is the only candidate who applied for our endorsement.

County Court at Law #3

Melissa Baeza (D) - While our membership believes that every candidate in this race would be an excellent Judge for this civivl court , Melissa has demonstrated that she will keep this court functioning well and that she will be the right candidate for the job. She has a good judicial temperament, an inspiring family history, and she is a great lawyer.

County Clerk

Ruben Sandoval (D) - Ruben Sandoval was the only candidate who took our organization seriously, he demonstrated his willingness to build an office that is professional and will work toward evolving it to better keep track of important records.

County Commissioner PCT 2

Commissioner David Stout (D) - Commissioner David Stout is a lifetime member of our organization after demonstrating his commitment to Progressive Values, the residents of PCT 2, and the people of El Paso County. He is the only TRUE Democrat in this race, his one of his opponent is being backed by cop money and waged a war against Alexsandra Annello the most Progressive member of our City Council. His other opponent never voted in a primary election.

County Commissioner PCT 4

County Commissioner Carl Robinson (D) - Nobody has ever worked harder in their life politically in El Paso than Commissioner Robinson has worked for the people of PCT 4. When our community experienced flooding Carl and Commissioner Iliana Holguin rushed to Canutillo to help combat the flooding in the area. Carl is a compassionate member of the court and always asks the hard questions.

Justice of the Peace PCT 2

Judge Brian Haggerty (D) - Judge Brian Haggerty is the only candidate in this race who understand what a Justice of the Peace actually does. His opponent has never been involved in the Northeast Democratic community nor does he understand the office.

Justice of the Peace PCT 5

Lucilla Najera (D) - PCT 5 has been plagued by one of the worst JP's our community has ever seen, Lucilla was close to beating him in the 2020 Democratic Primary and she has the ability to win this year.

Justice of the Peace PCT 7

Judge Stephanie Frietze (D) - Judge Frietze understands how this office works and she has been a tireless advocate for her community.


The El Paso Young Democrats are the official chapter of the Texas Young Democrats — one of the largest partisan youth organizations in the nation — in the Borderland. As the official voice of young Democrats in El Paso County, the organization strives to empower young El Pasoans through community activism and policy involvement locally, statewide, and nationally.



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