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The El Paso Young Democrats Recognize County Commissioner Iliana Holguin with a lifetime membership.

El Paso —In response to the recognition of Commissioner Iliana Holguin as a Lifetime member of our organization, El Paso Young Democrats (EPYD) offered the following:

" As residents of our beautiful community we should always strive to recognize those who go above and beyond in our local government, in order to keep our people safe, informed, and encouraged to participate in our democracy. That's why as your Vice President I am honored to make the motion that we recognize Commissioner Iliana Holguin as a Lifetime member of EPYD. She is a Fronteriza, a resilient advocate for progress, a voice that represents her constituents with pride, and one of the few elected officials who worked tirelessly to ensure the most vulnerable members of our community were safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic" - EPYD Vice President Wesley Lawrence

As a Lifetime member Commissioner Iliana Holguin joins the ranks of fierce advocates such as Commissioner David Stout. We look forward to working with both of them in order to advocate for progressive change at the County Commissioners Court.


The El Paso Young Democrats are the official chapter of the Texas Young Democrats — one of the largest partisan youth organizations in the nation — in the Borderland. As the official voice of young Democrats in El Paso County, the organization strives to empower young El Pasoans through community activism and policy involvement locally, statewide, and nationally.



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