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We're endorsing Brandy Voss

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

It's time for a Democratic justice on the State Supreme Court.

A chance at flipping the State House and Senate means that there is also a chance to elect Democrats to the State Supreme Court. A Democrat has not been elected to the Supreme Court in twenty years and the effects of Republican control are taking shape across the state.

Today, the El Paso Young Democrats are proud to announce their enthusiastic support for Brandy Voss as she runs to serve on the Texas Supreme Court, Place 7. Since announcing her candidacy, Brandy has traveled from city to city, meeting with voters, many of whom have never seen a candidate for Supreme Court in their lifetime. Touting her accomplishments as an attorney, she has gained support from a wide-array of groups, partisan and non-partisan alike.

In her race, Brandy has been a friend to young Democrats, especially in El Paso. We trust Brandy to protect the rights of young El Pasoans and young Texans on the bench. We value her experience and trust her to be a fair, honest justice on the Court.


The 2020 Democratic Primary is on March 3, 2020. Early voting is happening right now. Election day information can be found on the El Paso County Election Department’s website here.

For more information about Brandy Voss, please visit her website here.


This endorsement was authorized by the interim Board of the El Paso Young Democrats.


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