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We’re endorsing César Blanco

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

There’s no one better to represent west Texas in the State Senate.

When Senator José Rodríguez announced that he would not longer be seeking election to the Texas Senate, though incredibly sad, we paid tribute to his leadership on a number of issues, notably gun violence and immigration. Believing that he is best suited to continue leading on these and many other issues in the State Legislature, the El Paso Young Democrats are proud to endorse State Representative César Blanco as he runs to become west Texas’ next state senator.

Since his election to the State House, César Blanco has been a leading voice on many of the most pressing issues facing our region, including immigration and veteran’s affairs. His continued work on El Paso’s development and quality of life has been key as our city continues to grow.

As a strong progressive in the Legislature, César Blanco will make a great Texas senator and we enthusiastically endorse him.


The 2020 Democratic Primary is on March 3, 2020. Election day information can be found on the El Paso County Election Department’s website here.

For more information about César Blanco, please visit his website here.


This endorsement was authorized by the interim Board of the El Paso Young Democrats.


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