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We're endorsing Iliana Holguin

It's time for a change on the El Paso Commissioner's Court.

Today, the El Paso Young Democrats are announcing their endorsement of Iliana Holguin to be the next county commissioner for County Precinct 3.

Iliana, as chair of the El Paso County Democratic Party, has worked to ensure young voices are heard. She worked with our interim president, J.J. Martinez, in ensuring that there was young representation in the leadership of the Party. She has worked on recruiting younger El Pasoans to become precinct chairs, as well. She has continuously been a voice for our community and has always committed herself to addressing young issues — especially gun safety.

We trust that when she is elected, Iliana will represent young El Pasoans on the Court. And, we know she'll always give young El Pasoans a seat at the table on the issues that matter most.


The 2020 Democratic Primary is on March 3, 2020. Early voting is happening right now. Election day information can be found on the El Paso County Election Department’s website here.

For more information about Iliana Holguin, please visit her website here.


This endorsement was authorized by the interim Board of the El Paso Young Democrats.


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